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Welcome to Legal Fact and Fiction Podcast

Nothing surprises me anymore. I practice in the areas of Social Security Disability law and civil litigation. As a result, I see people suffer, err, and persevere. They encounter arbitrary laws, long waits, and unfair situations. This podcast will tell their stories because no one else is. In order to provide some levity, on occasion I will feature absurd laws and discuss them. Because I enjoy legal fiction on some episodes I will discuss legal fiction I find interesting. This may be a book, a story, a TV show, a movie, or something I've written. I hope you enjoy.

Michael Wells


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COVID-19: how’s your freedom taste?

By | 05/28/2020

People can eat out at restaurants in North Carolina, yet that creates the risk of exposure to COVID-19. How’s that freedom taste?

White people: speak up for George Floyd (and others)

By | 05/26/2020

A white police officer murdered George Floyd yesterday in Minneapolis. Where people need to speak out against this and other racial murders and racism in general.

COVID-19: too soon for phase II (or phase I)

By | 05/18/2020

Since Phase I partially reopened North Carolina, cases per day have almost doubled in larger cities. Hospitalizations are up 50% in some places. It isn’t time to reopen.

About me and my podcast

I am a lawyer in North Carolina. Writing is my hobby.