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Are CTE cases the next big tobacco?

Possibly. It appears evidence was covered up, lied about, or both. The issue isn’t so much the injuries as players weren’t told about them. As a result, the injuries got worse, violence occurred, and suicides occurred. Look at Aaron Hernandez, Junior Seau, and Dave Duerson. Hernandez likely killed several people. Seau and Duerson both committed…

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Social Security Disability Appeals Council Briefs

Social Security Disability cases take several years sometimes. Even if you have your hearing, your chance at winning is now less than 50%. What does this mean? It means more cases are appealed now. Good lawyers need to be able to argue persuasively on appeal. The Appeals Council sits in Falls Church, Virginia. They review…

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Legal Fact And Fiction will debut on March 1, 2018

Social Security Disability claimants are unfairly maligned. No one tells their stories. For example, Jack suffered from cluster headaches (also known as “suicide headaches”). The headaches occurred several times a day. They came on quickly and were so severe he had to inject medication with a syringe into his leg to stop the pain. Eventually,…

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