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COVID19: shut it all down NOW

These days Americans are selfish and stupid. Everything needs to be shut down. Every governor needs to issue a shelter in place order right now. No more wandering around like nothing is wrong. People need to act responsibly and stay home. If not, they need to be forced to.

COVID-19: they knew and didn’t tell most of us

On February 27, 2020, Senator Richard Burr told rich donors COVID 19 was like the Spanish Flu of 1918. He said nothing to the public. Meanwhile, Trump called it a hoax. note: Since recording the show, it has come to light Burr may have dumped 1.7 million in stock before the market crashed. Apparently, the…

COVID-19: Stay Home

It isn’t hard. Stay home and save lives. But people don’t seem to be doing it enough, and COVID-19 is thriving.

COVID-19 and Trump’s failed response

President Trump declared a National State of Emergency today. He did this after blocking test kits in January in order to suppress the number of confirmed cases and after he called it a hoax.