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Social Security Disability Appeals Council Briefs

Social Security Disability cases take several years sometimes. Even if you have your hearing, your chance at winning is now less than 50%. What does this mean? It means more cases are appealed now. Good lawyers need to be able to argue persuasively on appeal.

The Appeals Council sits in Falls Church, Virginia. They review appealed hearing decisions. They usually find the judge committed no legal error, though not always. I’ve had two remands in the last few months.

What’s a remand? A remand is when the Appeals Council sends the case back to the judge for a re-hearing with some constraints and suggestions. Usually, the case is more favorably positioned on remand, and the judge feels somewhat rebuked. This means your chance at winning is greater.

What happens if you lose at the Appeals Council will be the subject of a new post.

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I practice law in North Carolina. In my spare time, I write fiction.

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